Announcement IPO Elicio Therapeutics Inc.

Brand: Elicio Therapeutics Inc.
Ticker: ELTX
Industry: Healthcare.
Capitalization: $ 180 million
Description: A biotech company that develops immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

IPO date: 2021.07.22
Exchange: NASDAQ
Shares: 3.1 mln.
Offer range: $ 12.00 – $ 14.00
Underwriter: BTIG

Elicio Therapeutics is a biotech company developing a range of new immunotherapy drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

For therapy aimed at involving the immune system in the treatment of disease, it is very important to target activation to a unique site where the immune response is generated.

Amphiphile’s patented platform, or AMP, delivers immunotherapy drugs directly to the brain center of the immune system.

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Ipo DateLogoCompanyTickerIndustrySummaryPrice MinPrice MaxPlacement VolumeCapitalizationNumber Of SharesExchangeUnderwriter
2021.09.28IPO Index FundIPIFTechnology

IPIF allows investors to own a basket of the most promising IPO companies in one security.

$10.00$113.01---$8,300,000---InternalIPO LIMITED
2021.09.29Allvue Systems Holdings, Inc.ALVUFinancials

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$17.00$19.00$290,700,000$1,533,960,00015,300,000NYSEGoldman Sachs
2021.09.30Olaplex Holdings, Inc.OLPXTechnology

An innovative tech cosmetics company.

$14.00$16.00$1,072,000,000$9,721,800,00067,000,000NASDAQGoldman Sachs
2021.09.29Warby Parker Inc.WRBYTechnology

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$300.00$300.00$23,310,000,000$2,717,190,00077,700,000NYSEGoldman Sachs
2021.09.30Healthcare Triangle, Inc.HCTIHealth Care

A healthcare information technology company.

$4.50$5.50$44,000,000$194,700,0008,000,000NASDAQEF Hutton (formerly Kingswood
2021.10.01First Watch Restaurant Group, Inc.FWRGConsumer Services

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$17.00$20.00$190,000,0009,500,000NASDAQBofA Securities
2021.10.01Exscientia plcEXAIHealth Care

A pharmaceutical company powered by artificial intelligence.

$20.00$22.00$288,200,000$2,475,900,00013,100,000NASDAQGoldman Sachs
2021.10.01TDCX Inc.TDCXTechnology

Provider of digital customer service solutions.

$16.00$18.00$338,400,000$2,418,590,00018,800,000NYSEGoldman Sachs
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