Can I invest in an IPO directly through an exchange?

Good evening, only large institutional investors and brokers can participate in the IPO. For individuals, the only option is intermediary companies that accumulate a lot of applications and place them in a single lot with the underwriter. You will be able to buy shares on the exchange after the IPO procedure is completed.

How do I open an account?

The account is opened online on the IPO.LIMITED website

What documents are needed to open an account?

When registering for the first time, you just need to enter your First and Last name, phone number, and email address. However, you can pass additional verification to be able to manage your capital from $100,000 or more

What language should I use to fill out the registration form and communicate with the support service?

In any of the languages specified on the site. Currently, we work and provide support in the following language zones: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.


What exchanges do you work with?

We provide access to the vast majority of placements occurring on the US stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ. This is due to the fact that it is there that the most attractive placements for investors and showing the highest profitability are currently taking place. At the same time, we provide access to selected placements on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), and Shenzhen Securities Exchange (SZSE).

Do you have representative offices in any countries?

Since 2016, we have been working in our Hong Kong office with High-Net-Worth Individual. In 2020, we created an online service for minority investors that allows 100% of all operations to be performed remotely.

Do you have a brokerage license?

The IPO. LIMITED online platform supports the execution of collective orders for over-the-counter purchases of shares prior to their actual entry into the stock market. All types of services provided on the IPO. LIMITED online platform are not licensed activities. At the same time, they are fully regulated by the current legislation and regulations and are strictly observed.

The IPO. LIMITED online platform does not provide any services and does not enter into business communication of any kind with residents and official representatives of residents of countries and territories whose legislation may consider transactions carried out on the online platform as licensed or requiring special state registration, separate regulation or certification.

The profitability that you show is extremely high, isn’t it artificial or manipulated by you in order to attract investors?

In the investment market, you can find quite a few companies that guarantee high, unjustified returns. However, quite quickly there comes a time when the obligations to depositors of such companies become greater than the receipt of new funds and the company is forced to declare bankruptcy.

Unlike these companies, we do not promise or guarantee any potential revenue. We only provide access to investing in shares of the largest companies on the planet, which are publicly traded on the most reliable exchanges on the planet. All prices and profitability indicators are easily checked through any independent exchange quotation providers.

Recently, investment in IPOs has shown extremely high relative to the average market results. However, you should pay special attention to the fact that the results of past investments do not guarantee a profit in the future. Moreover, you should understand that investing in an IPO is a high-risk instrument.

Unlike companies that offer high guaranteed returns and therefore exist for a limited amount of time, our business model involves earning commissions from operations in any market situation and allows us to be confident in the stability of our finances for many decades to come.


What is the minimum amount required to participate in an IPO?

On the IPO LIMITED online platform, you can participate in any IPO with a minimum participation volume of $ 100 per company. This is the minimum required amount to participate.

What percentage of allocation do you provide?

The online platform provides an equal allocation percentage for all customers. At the same time, the amount of interest itself is determined by the lead underwriter through whom we participate in the placement. It is calculated based on the balance of supply and demand for shares listed on the stock exchange for the first time.

Also, for minority investors, we provide the opportunity to use our capital free of charge to credit applications for up to $1,000 for each placement. Therefore, we can always guarantee 100% allocation for applications that do not exceed the specified amount. For an order amount exceeding $1,000, the allocation will be standard for the market, as it will be determined by the lead underwriter.

When does the placement application process close?

The standard procedure allows us to accept orders for the entire period from the official announcement of the price range by the company and ending 24 hours before the start of trading on the company’s shares.

My application was canceled and the money was returned to my internal account. What happened?

This situation can occur for the only reason – the company canceled the placement or postponed its date indefinitely. Not every announced placement actually takes place, so you should be prepared for the fact that some of your requests will not be executed.

I submitted an order to buy shares at one price, and I was executed at a price significantly higher than the original one. Why?

The fact is that we accept orders at the upper limit of the price range proposed by the underwriter. However, in the last days before the offering or directly on the day of the offering, the underwriter may decide to exit the company’s shares at a price higher or lower than the initial price range. It all depends on the actual demand for the company’s shares at the stage of filling out the order book. In this case, we will recalculate your request based on the actual placement price. A small amount of the remaining funds may be returned to your account.

What is a direct placement and how is the share price calculated when participating in an IPO in this way?

In some cases, companies prefer to bring their shares to the stock exchange without underwriters and the standard procedure for pre-announcing the price range and filling out the order book. Shares of such companies can only be purchased on the stock exchange at the immediate start of trading. Therefore, the order execution price will be equal to the share price at the opening of trading.

Can you take my capital into trust management and buy and sell shares for me as you see fit?

This service is available for clients with a capital of $100,000 or more. Management services are free for any amount of capital, and the Success Fee is 10% of the profit received from each transaction. If you are interested in working with a personal manager, please contact our support service and we will find a specialist for you in your language area.

You can use the support service to apply for specific automatic execution of orders according to a given criterion, for example, to participate in all placements for $100 each or to participate in all placements in the technology sector. This service is available with capital placed on the online platform in the amount equal to or exceeding $10,000.

The second analog of trust management is the IPIF index fund. The company’s analysts buy shares of the most promising placements at their own discretion, and after the lockup period, they find the best exit point and sell the shares. Thus, by purchasing shares of an index fund, you can avoid engaging in analytics and active management of your investment capital, trusting specialists in the field of IPO. There are no restrictions on the minimum amount of capital here. You can buy any number of shares of the index fund, starting from 1.

Is there a commission when buying shares?

No, no commission is charged for buying shares.


How quickly are shares sold after submitting an application in your merchant profile?

You should keep in mind that inthe European Union, sales requests are processed manually, so we need time to actually sell shares based on your request on the stock exchange. Usually, this operation takes place during business hours during the working day.In rare cases, the operation may take up to 3 business days. Please note that sales orders are not executed on weekends, so the order you submitted on Friday evening will only be executed on Monday.

When can I sell my shares?

We provide a standard lockup period of 93 days during which you will not be able to sell shares. This restriction is imposed on us by exchanges in order to protect investors from manipulating the prices of new shares that do not yet have a reliable pool of investors and therefore can be particularly volatile.

Is it possible to exit the IPO before the end of the lockup period?

If you have already submitted an IPO application and it has been executed, then this option is not available.

At what price is the stock sold?

We sell the shares purchased and stored for you at the exchange price at the time of sale. At the same time, from the moment of sale to the moment of crediting funds to your internal account, it can take from several minutes to several hours, so at the time of crediting funds, live stock quotes may differ both up and down.

Where can I monitor the quotes and charts of purchased shares?

If you are interested in simply monitoring changes in stock prices in your portfolio, it is convenient to do so on the main page of your merchant profile, where quotes are updated every few hours.
You can view the quotes of all IPO shares on the page with the list of past placements

If you are interested in more up-to-date information, historical data, or graphs of various scales, then the best solution is to use specialized services или

Is there a commission when selling shares?

No, no commission is charged for the sale of shares.


What is IPIF?

This is a classic closed-end index fund that specializes in participating in IPOs. The company’s analysts buy shares of the most promising placements at their own discretion, and after the lockup period, they find the best exit point and sell the shares. Thus, by purchasing shares of an index fund, you can avoid engaging in analytics and active management of your investment capital, trusting specialists in the field of IPO.

What is the minimum amount required to invest in an index fund?

There are no restrictions on the minimum amount of capital, you can buy any number of shares of the index fund, starting from 1.

Where can I view the current share price of the fund and their values for previous periods?

On the page there are daily updated price indicators, yield statistics, and a historical chart.

Where can I view information about the fund’s portfolio?

On the page you can find the structure and composition of the fund, which is updated monthly

What is the lockup period for index fund shares?

For shares of the fund purchased before 30.06.2021, the lockup period is 30 days, for shares purchased starting from 01.07.2021, the lockup period is 93 days, as well as for shares of any standard placements.

Do I need to sell the fund’s shares after the lockup period expires and buy them again in order to continue making a profit?

No, you can hold the fund’s shares for as long as you want. They grow in value regardless of whether you own them or not. After the lockup period expires, you have the opportunity to sell shares, but not the obligation to do so.

How is the current share price of an index fund determined by trading on an exchange?

At the moment, shares do not participate in exchange trading, and their price is determined daily by calculating the fund’s capitalization based on the value of all shares included in the portfolio.

Is there a commission when buying or selling shares of an index fund?

No, no commission is charged for operations with the fund’s shares.


What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount for an account?

The minimum amount is $100, there is no maximum limit.

What deposit methods are available?

Currently, international SWIFT payments are available, which we recommend using only in extreme cases, and transfers using secure cryptographic currencies that have become the de facto standard in online financial transactions.

What are the advantages of using cryptographic currencies over standard SWIFT transfers?

First, it is the speed of international transfers, which allows you to send money from anywhere in the world to any other point in the world in just a few minutes. SWIFT transfers take weeks.

Secondly, it is a convenience that allows you to perform any operations without leaving your home directly from your laptop or smartphone. SWIFT transfers require mandatory visits to banks and, most often, the collection of significant documentation confirming the transfer for currency, financial and anti-terrorist control in other institutions.

Third, it is security, since a cryptographic transfer cannot be intercepted, blocked, or canceled. This is always your money, which in no way can be taken away from you by governments, banking organizations or other criminal communities. SWIFT transfers are blocked daily by banks due to suspected money laundering, insufficient documentary evidence, or an amount exceeding the parameters allowed by the government of your country. Most often, blocked funds remain at the bank’s disposal for many months, and in many cases forever, and are no longer returned to their original owner.

And fourth, it is a price that is several orders of magnitude lower than the cost of a SWIFT transfer. For example, in order to transfer $200 between two countries via SWIFT transfer, you will need to pay a bank commission of about $300. Using cryptographic currencies, the same transfer will only cost a few cents.

Why can’t I pay directly with a plastic card?

The fact is that we, like any other company engaged in investment activities, cannot, without violating the law, enable the acceptance of Visa and MasterCard plastic cards. The rules for connecting merchant services by these companies strictly prohibit the use of accepting cards online for any financial and investment services.

If you see someone implementing this feature, it means that they did it through the use of black merchant services and fraud with shim sites. This is a violation of the law and all money both on your card and on the accounts of a company using this scheme can be blocked at any time.

I have never dealt with cryptographic currencies and generally do not understand how to make a transfer.

Don’t worry, it’s actually extremely easy, fast and convenient. Contact our support team and a consultant for your language group will contact you and help you learn this simple technology step by step.

Where will the money go after the transfer?

You have two options. You can immediately go to the IPO Calendar section, add the shares you are interested in to your shopping cart, and pay directly for the invoice. In this case, you will have the shares you bought in your portfolio.

The second option is to go to your personal account and in the Finance Deposit section deposit the desired amount to your internal account. And then make purchases of shares from an internal account

Is there a commission when adding funds to your account?

No, we do not charge any commission for adding funds to your account. At the same time, you will pay a commission for the transfer itself to the payment system. A few cents when using cryptographic currencies, or a few hundred dollars when using SWIFT transfers.


How do I withdraw money?

You need to go to the Finance section in your merchant Profile / Withdraw funds, fill in the account number to which you want to receive a withdrawal in the Payment Settings section, enter the amount required for withdrawal, and send a request.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

You can withdraw any amount starting from $50.

How fast is the withdrawal of funds?

According to the payment regulations, the processing of withdrawal requests takes up to 10 business days.

Who pays the commission of payment systems for withdrawal?

We pay the payment system commission if the withdrawal amount is more than $10,000 dollars for SWIFT, more than $1,000 for USDT, USDC и BTC, or less than $1,000 dollars for LTC. Otherwise, the commission amount will be deducted from the payment amount.

Is there a commission when withdrawing funds?

Yes, the commission will be 9% of the withdrawal amount. The commission is deducted only when funds are withdrawn, allowing all other operations to be performed without any costs, and will be deducted from the amount transferred to your account.

It is worth noting that we have the lowest commission on the market. Companies that provide IPO participation services usually charge fees for depositing funds, buying shares, selling shares, and withdrawing funds. In total, commissions reach 15-20% of the capital.

This is due to the fact that the service itself for providing participation in an IPO is financially and labor-intensive. However, given the IPO yield measured in hundreds of percent per annum, this is an acceptable price to pay for access to such a profitable investment tool.

Do I need to pay taxes?

We are not your financial advisor, so this decision is entirely up to you.

For our part, we would like to note only that SWIFT transfers are visible to state services and therefore evasion of income tax received through a SWIFT transfer is impossible without appropriate sanctions from state regulatory authorities.

At the same time, profits made through cryptographic transfers cannot technically be tracked by anyone, including any government agencies and even their special services. And the sale of cryptocurrencies in most countries of the world is currently not taxed. Therefore, in this case, the payment of income tax is transformed from an obligation into a voluntary act.


How safe is it to keep funds in an internal account?

During the entire operation of the online platform, not a single cent of our clients ‘ funds was lost or stolen.

Even if you theoretically assume that someone will get access to your account, then two confirmations are requested for withdrawing funds-by email address and by the phone number linked to the account. And only after receiving two confirmations from you, the funds are withdrawn.

So the system is extremely secure. Additionally, you can set up two-factor authentication to log in to your account, so that you receive unique login codes every time you log in from a new device.

Why should I trust your employees?

You do not need to trust employees, as all operations on the site are automated and recorded in a special blockchain that cannot be faked. The platform’s employees only confirm your purchase, sale, or withdrawal requests after they are actually executed.

All decisions about buying or selling certain shares are made by you yourself. And the index fund is managed almost entirely in algorithmic mode.

At the same time, I would like to note that our international team is our greatest pride. Thanks to their hard daily work, we managed to create the world’s largest specialized service for private participation in IPOs.

How transparent and accountable are your activities?

Every year, we undergo a full audit by an independent state-licensed audit organization. During this operation, all transactions with securities and cash are examined.We submit this audit report to government regulatory authorities together with our standard accounting statements. In addition, an independent monitoring office monitors the company’s operational activities and all key indicators.

Hong Kong is the most strict financial jurisdiction in the world, which strictly monitors the strict observance of legality and transparency for all legal entities. 5 years of activity without a single comment or complaint from the regulatory authorities of Hong Kong is probably the best indicator of the crystal purity of our activities.

What happens to my assets if something happens to your company?

In this case, you have nothing to worry about. We have developed a multi-level security system. All accounts that hold client funds are completely independent of the company’s operating accounts. In addition, all customer accounts are insured for up to $100,000 per customer.And even if we decide or are forced to close, the bankruptcy trustee will change the owner of open positions in the registers to you, and your funds from the internal account will be withdrawn to your account.

How do I get an individual contract?

We provide individual investment contracts upon request through our support service. In electronic form for investors with a capital of $10,000 or more, and in paper format via DHL for investors with a capital of $100,000 or more.


Can I recommend your services for a commission fee?

Yes, the online platform offers a representative program. And we do our best to encourage marketing through recommendations from existing customers. The standard commission fee is 5% of the amount of investment received based on your submission. In addition, under certain conditions, you can receive additional rewards for team and leadership functions.

What exactly are commissions paid for?

Commission is charged on margin deposits, that is the difference between the amount of funds deposited by your clients and the amount of withdrawals. For example, if one client deposited $ 10,000, and another withdrew $ 1,000 from the account, the size of the margin deposit will be $ 9,000. It is from this amount that you will receive a commission.

How fast is the commission charged after the client purchases shares?

Usually, accruals occur on the day following the company’s actual placement of shares on the stock exchange. Since initially the client does not make a purchase of shares, but only submits an application for their purchase. Whether this acquisition will actually take place and at what price will be clear only after the company’s shares are listed on the stock exchange.

How much money does the company use to pay commissions to its partners?

When the client withdraws money from the account, a commission of 9% is charged. Taking into account that the commission is paid to the partner immediately, and the withdrawal usually occurs after one or two years, the withdrawal fee is removed from the amount that is many times higher than the deposit amount, and often due to repeated multiplication of investments, it reaches 50-100% of the deposit amount.

What can I do with the commission received?

There are no restrictions, this is your money in an internal account. They do not differ in any way from the money that you can put there using payment systems. You can withdraw the commission to your personal account or invest it in shares, thus earning extra money.

Who can become your representative?

We do not impose any restrictions. Every client who has purchased at least one promotion gets access to the representative section of the cabinet, where they can get an individual referral link, as well as use numerous additional tools and materials for successful work.

Is there any training to work with the affiliate program?

We do not provide such a service directly, but you can write to our support team and we will give you the contacts of our partners in your region and language group, which will help you learn the basics of working with the affiliate program.

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Investing in an IPO is a high-risk instrument. Past investment results do not guarantee future returns. The online platform IPO.LIMITED does not guarantee and does not promise future return on investment, does not guarantee the reliability of potential investments and the stability of the profit margins. You should consider whether you understand how IPOs work and whether you can afford to risk losing some of your money.

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An IPO is the first public sale of shares of a private company on the stock market. Going to the IPO, the company for the first time offers to buy its securities to everyone. The IPO LIMITED team set itself the task of making it possible to invest in an IPO for everyone. even those who can afford to invest only $ 10. We simplified the entry process as much as possible, lowered the entry threshold, making it possible to remain anonymous in such transactions, and also take a commission only from those who withdraw money from the IPO LIMITED platform. The IPO LIMITED team has been investing in IPOs since 2016. you can look at the reviews about IPO LIMITED on a special page. IPO LIMITED is a company that will help you invest in an IPO with maximum security. In addition, IPO LIMITED provides advice and analytics for our users. We are always happy to help in investing in an IPO.