IPO investment

IPO Index Fund (IPIF) allows investors to own a basket of the most promising IPO companies in one security, eliminating the time spent on analytics and reducing the risk of making a wrong decision.

The Benefits

Make the right decision

You can invest in IPO on your own.
But a much smarter strategy is to entrust your capital to professional managers who will work 24x7 for your financial success.
Compare the benefits and make your choice.
Risk insurance due to diversification
Automatic participation in the best IPOs worldwide
100% allocation for your investment capital
93 days lock-up period
Zero tax, commission and time spent

Sector Distribution



Health Care




Real Estate


IPIF Details

Basic Information

- Ticker: IPIF
- Inception Date: July 20, 2020
- Today Index Value: $

Performance History

- 1M 21.42%
- 3M 88.16%
- 6M 255.26%
Performance Disclosure: Past performance does not guarantee future results.
The performance data quoted represents past performance and current returns may be lower or higher.

Stop watching. Take action!

Become a portfolio owner of the most significant newly listed public companies from around the world in one click.
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An IPO is the first public sale of shares of a private company on the stock market. Going to the IPO, the company for the first time offers to buy its securities to everyone. The IPO LIMITED team set itself the task of making it possible to invest in an IPO for everyone. even those who can afford to invest only $ 10. We simplified the entry process as much as possible, lowered the entry threshold, making it possible to remain anonymous in such transactions, and also take a commission only from those who withdraw money from the IPO LIMITED platform. The IPO LIMITED team has been investing in IPOs since 2016. you can look at the reviews about IPO LIMITED on a special page. IPO LIMITED is a company that will help you invest in an IPO with maximum security. In addition, IPO LIMITED provides advice and analytics for our users. We are always happy to help in investing in an IPO.