Reviews on IPO LIMITED

Review of the IPO LIMITED

Now I will tell you a story about how I chose a ipo-broker. Initially, I was very skeptical about this type of income, because you pay for the investment, layout at least $10 thousand and allocate 10%, well, how is it - you pay for 100 shares, but only 10 are approved. So my friend recommended IPO LIMITED to me, he said that the risks are minimal, the entry threshold is not $10,000, but you can try $10 first, for example, and 100% allocation if you invest up to $1,000, that is, just perfect for beginners. Well, I decided to try, and then maybe I'll find the catch. While I was doing everything, I was very embarrassed by the crooked translation, I even decided to do everything through the IPO Index Fund and tell my friend "Well, I told you so" as soon as possible and identify the catch. After registering for IPO LIMITED, I even managed to forget about my experiment, after 1.5 months I remembered and decided to check, I went in and ... I was very surprised - my shares went up, which means I’m already making a profit. There was no limit to my surprise. ipo limited really works, why shouldn't I have used it before.

Review of the company IPO LIMITED

IPO LIMITED became a good opportunity to understand how investments work, live and learn, as they say. You can start with little money, this makes it possible not to risk impressive amounts. The second is until you understand how it works, you do not pay any commissions - only when you withdraw money and the third is that the allocation is 100%, and not, for example, 10% like others.  I have been using the service for the 5th month already, I will try  affiliate program - I will recommend IPO LIMITED to my friends, why not get additional income for it. A good opportunity to start something new.


I got acquainted with the broker IPO LIMITED about a year ago, as all the best in life is not expected. Therefore, I will leave a detailed review of this broker. In general, I wanted to try to play with the IPO, I have been dealing with ordinary funds for 3 years already, I have not contacted the IPO when. The company with which he worked on funds was not engaged in an IPO, had to be looked for on the Internet. Everything that I could find was very dear to curiosity. The entry threshold is 10 thousand, and if you take into account the allocation, then the sum is not childish at all. I started googling something simpler and came across a discussion of this broker on one of the forums. The reviews there were different, there was also negative, but the negative was at the level of the children's garden, it was clearly visible that they were writing to order, but I was still afraid, although I was sure that the negative reviews were screwed up. But the fact that there is no minimum amount spurred me very much, invested $ 100, waited for the end of the lockup period and voila, I draw a conclusion and the money is in my account. After that, there were three more investments and each time for large sums. The last time I invested 5 thousand locks will be in 22 days, and now I practically do not worry, I am sure that everything will be fine. Therefore, my review of the broker IPO LIMITED will only be positive. Who any doubts write in a person I will give all the evidence of your review.

My review about IPO LIMITED

When I found IPO LIMITED, I didn’t immediately believe that they were doing as well as they claim, so I decided to check, because trying with 100 dollars is not risking 10 thousand, and this broker has a minimum entry threshold and there are no commissions when entering money. Yes, ipo limited is poorly translated into other languages, but with minimal English everything becomes clear. other brokers need to be verified to establish an identity, but here you can completely maintain anonymity, which is of course a plus. IPO LIMITED has also made an affiliate program, you will have to try it and write it here so that others know how it works.
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An IPO is the first public sale of shares of a private company on the stock market. Going to the IPO, the company for the first time offers to buy its securities to everyone. The IPO LIMITED team set itself the task of making it possible to invest in an IPO for everyone. even those who can afford to invest only $ 10. We simplified the entry process as much as possible, lowered the entry threshold, making it possible to remain anonymous in such transactions, and also take a commission only from those who withdraw money from the IPO LIMITED platform. The IPO LIMITED team has been investing in IPOs since 2016. you can look at the reviews about IPO LIMITED on a special page. IPO LIMITED is a company that will help you invest in an IPO with maximum security. In addition, IPO LIMITED provides advice and analytics for our users. We are always happy to help in investing in an IPO.